Granada is characterized for being among the best cycling destinations, if not the best one.  Mountains, roads in perfect conditions, very low traffic (or even non-existent) and good weather. But, without doubt, one of the best things we have here is that Granada is a gravel cycling paradise and there is no place with we have here.

We have a wide selection of routes with our seal for all riders level, from beginners to experts. And a great variety of routes to choose, paths that run through leafy forests, through the desert, crossing a high mountain pass above 3000m, crossing the countryside farms and tobacco dryers or pedaling among abandoned houses.

We’re proud to have created, with the effort of explore for years, a vast network of paths that are perfect for gravel cycling, because as you know, not all paths are really for gravel bikes. For us, the gravel cycling, are routes that could be done with a road bike, but with gravel bikes are more comfortable to ride and avoid flats or mechanichal issues. In addition, using gravel bikes we will be able to do some more difficult and more technical sections without problems.

We have been always in love with pedaling off road with our road bikes but now with the boom of the gravel bikes, the experience has expanded much more and we want to share it with you.