Granada is situated in southern Spain, with an altitude of 600 m., in the norht face of Sierra Nevada mountain range. Granada is full of diversity and in the same route you can cycle in the desert, cross a leafy forest, arrive at the coast and taking a mountain pass over 3000 m.a.s.l.

We are proud to be in the perfect location for cycling, in the beautiful, mountainous and full of history Andalusian city of Granada, in southern Spain.

Located at only 60km from the coast and at the foothills of Sierra Nevada, at only 46km from Pico Veleta at 3394 m., the variety of landscapes of the area is so huge that we know is difficult to imagine. Granada has a full range of landscape variety, a high diversity of routes and a really nice weather. The area is really mountainous to stay so close to the Mediterranean sea. The Sierra Nevada mountain range has 27 peaks with more than 3000m high.

There are some key things to consider when deciding on the ideal place for cycling: nice weather, fantastic roads, amazing landscapes, a nice place with a wide variety options to do for the off-bike moments and of course, accessibility. Granada offer all this and more.

Granada with its wonderful weather and nice temperatures throughout most of the year, make it the perfect place for cycling outside all the year long.

The roads in this area are simply perfect. Mostly of them have a fantastic surface, even new tarmac. Although the roads are very quiet and with very low traffic, the respect of the drivers for the cyclists is really good in general.

The location of Granada for your cycling training camps or cycling holidays is definitely the paradise considering what the city also offers off the bike. When the bike is parked, our customers can enjoy the city’s food scene, the exquisite ice cream tradition and varied cultural sites. There are a myriad of beautiful spots to lose yourself in among the historical narrow streets, such as the Alhambra and the magical Albayzin neighborhood. Countless bars and restaurants beckon with their renowned servings of tapas. And of course, charming cafes await along our routes to replenish and revive.

It’s simple to reach Granada via our two nearest airports. Our local airport is in Granada proper, and the other, Malaga Airport, is an hour’s drive away from Granada.

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