Altitude: 3384m
Length: 42km
Elevation Gain: 2700m
Average Slope: 6% (maximum of 15%)

The Pico Veleta is the toughest climb in Spain and also the highest paved road in Europe. The Pico Veleta is more than an Hors Catégorie (HC) rated climb. It is longer and tougher than Tourmalet, Alpe d’Huez or Ventoux.

Veleta is in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and its climb starts from the city of Granada. The Summit is at 3384m and the total gain is 2700m, more than climb twice HC-rated climb like Tourmalet.

There are many ways to climb up to Veleta. It’s possible to do a route connecting different climbs for advanced level of cyclists or just doing a single climb day. From Monachil or Güejar Sierra are tough options to arrive to the summit of the Pico but they are very beautiful climbs. Opposite the easiest way is starting from Pinos Genil, but this way is a bit boring because there are a lot of kilometers climbing by a wide road. All is about your fitness and level of riding.

By the easiest way, the length of the climb is 42 kilometers with an average of 6% the whole way up. The last 10 kilometers average is over 7% and is the toughest section about of the lack of oxygen, cycling from 2550m to the summit at 3384m.

The paved road ends and the last km is a gravel road to reach the summit. Depending the snow of the year we can reach the summit approximately from May to October.

Cycling the roof of Europe is an important challenge but is an unforgettable experience too. The incomparable beauty of its views make that climb something magic.

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